Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Sockapalooza Socks Have Arrived!!!!!!

Last Saturday I arrived home from work to find a "Sorry, we've missed you" card from the Post Office and of course they said I couldn't pick up the package until Monday after 9. Well, of course I have to be at work by 9 and didn't get home until after 5. But then on Monday afternoon I found out that I had ANOTHER package. Two packages! I just went to the P.O. and picked up my two packages. I decided that I was going to open one today and one tomorrow. I opened the one that arrived on Saturday and they were my Socks from my dear Sockapalooza pal Protagitron. The pattern is Brigit and they are beautiful.

I waited until my hubby came home from work to open the package and he grabbed them out of my hand and immediately put them on (luckily they are too snug). He was saying over and over "these are some socks". I have them on right now as I type this despite the fact it's about 80 degrees. I can't thank you enough for the most amazing socks. They are so soft and comfy and fit perfectly. Check out these cables!

The yarn is Colinette Jitterbug. The colorway is Velvet Damson or as I shall rename them Velvet Dream! Thanks again Martha!

I know the anticipation is probably going to kill me but I am going to wait until the morning to open the other package. Jeez, it feels like Christmas!


Anonymous said...

Wow!! Those socks are gorgeous...I can only dream about someday producing/knitting something so very nice...lucky you!!!

Hmmm...wonder what's in the other box....

~Dog Days of Summer Swap pal

Anonymous said...

Those socks are gorgeous!

I can't believe you can actually wait to open the second package - it'd drive me nuts!