Saturday, October 13, 2007

Haven't posted in a while...

so here's what has been going on.

Went to Newport with my mom, went cannoeing in Maine with the darling Pete, and visited my brother in New York.
Don't worry I have been knitting up a to come tomorrow. Lot's of goodies. Baby sweaters, shawls, scarves for Fran and Angeline, and socks for Daddy in Ireland.

Newport Mansions.

Pete and I on the rope swings in Maine.

Pete in New York....with his new girlfriend-she can't talk and doesn't knit.

Top of the Empire State Building

My little brother. Check the New York Magazine tomorrow-his painting is in it!

one of his paintings.

AND FINALLY!!!! as of October 11, 2007 Pete is no longer an alien!!!!!!