Friday, May 18, 2007

Yarn Shopping

Last night I went to my LYS a good yarn and bought the most
beautiful yarn for my
sockapaloozafour sock pal. I am so excited.
The yarn doesn't look as good in the picture as it does in real life
but then again I only snapped the picture with a cell phone.
It is Anne Schaffer colorway unknown I think it's one of a kind.

I hope she likes it. I am going to knit a pattern from
Knitting on the Road by Nancy Bush. I have knit two pairs of
socks from that book and absolutely love it.

I also bought these for my dishcloth exchange pal.
Haven't decided yet which
one to use or the pattern.

I really, really want to make this Indigo Ripples Skirt and join this KAL indigorippleskal. The yarn store only had 4 balls of the Rowan I wanted so I guess I will have to wait.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Dishcloth Contest

Chan, from my dishclothexchange swap, asked us to answer a
few questions for a contest. Here are my answers.

What gives you hope? I am a teacher so when the kids "finally get it"
and feel good about themselves I feel hope. My husband is also a
huge inspiration to me. He is very supportive of my many hobbies
and I don't know what I would do without him.

How do you recharge and get energized when you're feeling drained?
Almost everyday after school I work on one of my ongoing WIP.
That usually calms me down. If it’s an especially draining day I
buy an iced coffee or Richie’s Slush on my way home.

What is your favorite summer adventure, whether it's a memory
or an item on your agenda for this year or both?
This question is
really tough because I can't think of one summer that really stands out.
My summers have always been fun. My parents own a house on
Cape Cod right near the beach and I have spent my summers sailing,
swimming, working, etc there. I scooped ice cream
(favorite flavor-cotton candy), worked in a candy shop
(favorite candy-swedish fish), worked in a bicycle rental shop,
bussed tables, and waitressed. Cape Cod is one of my all-time favorite places.
It also has a couple great yarn stores such as
ladybugknitting ,
adventuresinknitting and Sheep to Shore on Nantucket.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Finished Mitten

Last week I finished one of my Aran Island Mittens. I haven't
started the second one yet because... well...I can't stand the needles.
I was using size 1 metal needles and they were so slippery and
hurt my hands. Hopefully this week I will get some bamboo size 1's.
I keep breaking the size 1 bamboo ones. I love how the first mitten
came out. However, I definitely had to pay attention to the chart at all times.

My dishcloth swap pal recommended a new pattern for a dishcloth at this
great site
here and I may work on it tonight. Thanks spyarn! My brother-in-law
is flying over for a few days and I'd love to send a few dishcloths home
to my mother-in-law in Ireland. Since dishcloths are my new obsession.

Here is an arial photo of my husband's hometown in Ireland. It's about
40 miles north of Dublin in Co. Louth. I haven't been there yet but
we might be going there this fall.

Monday, May 14, 2007


On Friday after work I decided the perfect mother's day gifts
would be dishcloths and soap. I had some pink/salmon colored
cotton yarn in my stash so I made these for mom.

Travelling Vine Cloth


Both patterns were from here smariek. I love her dishcloth patterns!
I really enjoyed making these. The patterns were easy to
follow and knit up quickly. I think I'm obsessed with dishcloths.
I can't wait to make more. They are so fast and can be completed in a few hours!
I gave them to my mom yesterday and she loved them!

Friday, May 4, 2007

Top 10

Top 10 things I am looking forward to most about the summer

10. Daylight that lasts and lasts
9. The beaches on Cape Cod
8. Sailing on the Charles
7. Cold Stone Creamery on a hot day
6. Kniting socks for my sock pal
5. Reading books
4. Sitting on my back deck with my DH and cold drinks
3. Lobster and Steamers
2. Ireland?
1. Not having to get up for work until September

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Finally some pictures

These are only with my phone so the quality isn't the greatest.
Nantucket Jacket and Aran Island Mittens. I love the bobbles in the mittens.
So much fun!

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

New Design

I'm so excited. I searched and searched and with my limited design
and computer skills I found a template that I really liked. I was
having a difficult time finding a template that blogger would allow.
Goldfish are fun. And I don't have to feed them! No tragic deaths!

On the needles:
Nantucket jacket 25% complete
Aran Island Mittens 20% complete
Shamrock dishcloth 100% done and already used by DH
Garterlac Dishcloth 0% complete hopefully 100% complete tonite!!!