Tuesday, August 7, 2007

3 rows left and I ran out of yarn

I have no pictures (except the one I shot with my camera) because I have used all the batteries in every remote in my house that uses AA and my new camera batteries went dead over the weekend. I have lots of great Saco River pictures and a few knitting pictures. But none of the completed Indigo Ripples Skirt because I ran out of yarn with 3, YES 3 ROWS LEFT! Luckily for me the yarn store Wild and Woolly has my dye lot and will hold 1 skein for me until Friday (the only chance I have to get to Lexington). So I wove in all my ends and I am going out today to buy new yarn for the Tangled Yoke Cardigan I am going to make it in exactly the same color as on the model. I am so excited. I have put my Mystery Stole on hold because...well just because. It was hurting my head and it is hard to knit while doing anything like watching t.v. or pretty much anything else. I will work on it but I have become depressed because I am 2 weeks behind in the mystery releases and will never catch up. I also saw the YarnHarlot last week. Lots of fun. I met a great crocheter Gina and laughed like crazy.

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