Monday, May 14, 2007


On Friday after work I decided the perfect mother's day gifts
would be dishcloths and soap. I had some pink/salmon colored
cotton yarn in my stash so I made these for mom.

Travelling Vine Cloth


Both patterns were from here smariek. I love her dishcloth patterns!
I really enjoyed making these. The patterns were easy to
follow and knit up quickly. I think I'm obsessed with dishcloths.
I can't wait to make more. They are so fast and can be completed in a few hours!
I gave them to my mom yesterday and she loved them!

2 comments: said...

Lovely dishcloths. Pink is such a fresh color.

Since you are on a dishcloth bender you might want to try this nifty pattern:

I've knit it several times and it's really fun and clever too!

Have a good day! Your Dishcloth Spoiler.

knitter's mom said...

Mother's yarn

Between each knit,
leave a place,
for a thought of me today.

As you pearl,
Remember my dear, dear, girl,
Your mother's love is on it's way.

Keep creating!