Thursday, May 17, 2007

Dishcloth Contest

Chan, from my dishclothexchange swap, asked us to answer a
few questions for a contest. Here are my answers.

What gives you hope? I am a teacher so when the kids "finally get it"
and feel good about themselves I feel hope. My husband is also a
huge inspiration to me. He is very supportive of my many hobbies
and I don't know what I would do without him.

How do you recharge and get energized when you're feeling drained?
Almost everyday after school I work on one of my ongoing WIP.
That usually calms me down. If it’s an especially draining day I
buy an iced coffee or Richie’s Slush on my way home.

What is your favorite summer adventure, whether it's a memory
or an item on your agenda for this year or both?
This question is
really tough because I can't think of one summer that really stands out.
My summers have always been fun. My parents own a house on
Cape Cod right near the beach and I have spent my summers sailing,
swimming, working, etc there. I scooped ice cream
(favorite flavor-cotton candy), worked in a candy shop
(favorite candy-swedish fish), worked in a bicycle rental shop,
bussed tables, and waitressed. Cape Cod is one of my all-time favorite places.
It also has a couple great yarn stores such as
ladybugknitting ,
adventuresinknitting and Sheep to Shore on Nantucket.

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Channon said...

Thanks for "playing"! I unwind with my work in progress too. Kudos to you and all teachers!