Wednesday, June 20, 2007

From this!

Here is my felted entrelac tote before taking a dip in Mr. Washy.

And here it is after the quick dip.

The pictures were taken in two totally different settings with different cameras so the colors do seem a bit different. I will take a better one later with the same camera as the first picture later today. I love how the bag turned out. I brought it to school today to show it off to some of my students for "show and tell". They were impressed...I hope my tote exchange pal is too. Only one more half day of school left and I'm off for the summer. Bring on the knitting.

If my pal doesn't like it as a tote she can always wear it as a hat on a bad hair day! The model is a fellow teacher who secretly wants to be a reggae singer.

Update- I am not planning to line this tote because the inside is so pretty. It looks just as nice as the outside. This pattern was SOOOO easy to follow and so quick to knit.
Start date: June 10
Felt date: June 17
Dry: June 18


Channon said...

What an awesome tote! I'm amazed at how felting changes things. That pattern is on my to-do list...

Korinthe said...

That's a gorgeous tote! It's enough to inspire an entrelac attempt. I really like the jewel-like colors.

Do you plan to line it with fabric? I've always worried about stretching out knitted totes, hence haven't knitted any.