Tuesday, July 31, 2007

My International Tote Exchange bag has arrived!

I came home from work yesterday and had a "sorry we missed you" card from the post office. I raced over to the post office but my mailperson was still on route with my package. I sat in the parking lot for a few minutes watching the other mailpeople return to the p.o. since it was close to 5 but no luck. On the way home I made my husband ask every lettercarrier we saw if their route was on my street but they said no and my letter carrier was still in the truck somewhere. So I woke up super early this morning and went straight to the p.o. and claimed my amazing, terrific, super clever, beautiful tote. My spoiler was Mikey and she sent me the most wonderful goodies and tote. I was so impressed with my tote. It is lined beautifully, has the neatest silver feet at the bottom to help with standing up, silver beads, and the pattern is exquisite. I can't wait to take it out and give it a tour of Boston! She also included so many great goodies. There was a cute pin with beads, a silver pin with sewing accessories attached! A magnetic bookmark-going straight into the book that I am reading right now, A North Dakota mug and blueberry coffee, a cute little lamb, a Needle Felting tool with roving ( I can't wait to try it!) Some really pretty ribbon-like red yarn, stitch markers, a cute silver and red bracelet that matches my bag, a candle that I can't seem to take my nose away from (it smells like one of theose fancy raspberry and chocolate desserts) and a knitting book of simple sweaters. The one on the cover is calling my name! Wow! I was so spoiled. This has been such a fun exchange. Thank you, thank you, thank you Mikey! You are such a talented knitter and so sweet.

I have also been working dilligently on my Indigo Ripples Skirt in Rowan Denim. I have completed the stockinette portion and about to start the lace today. I hoped to finish it today but I don't think I will be able to. I have about a million things to do before I go to work tonight.

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